5) Rabbit Breeds & Pictures: Czech's 1964 Rabbit Hunt
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Hunting is one of the Czech’s chief hobbies. There was a company in Czechoslovakia where the owner {a big rabbit hunter} of the company worked with the Worker’s Hunting Society {a hunting union} and they gave a paid day off work to their workers to have a unified hunting day once a year. These pictures of the “setting-aside” ceremony were made after a half-day hunt organized by the Worker’s Hunting Society of the factory CKD Slany. Usually about 3,000 hares were shot during this hunt and the setting-aside itself must be done according to tradition with the hares laying on their right sides, and every tenth hare out of line for easier counting. Then, accompanied by the sound of hunting horns, out of respect the last honors are given to the game according to this tradition. Now this is being serious about rabbit hunting!
Czech's 1964 Rabbit Hunt